Spring Has Sprung!

Welcome back Blaisdell’s Buddies!  Adrienne’s got something to buzz about this week – take a peek!

Spring is here!  It’s time to open the doors and windows to let the fresh air in!

But when the sun comes out, it sheds light on the dusty build up after those long winter months. Time for Spring Cleaning!! We all do it at home; doesn’t your workplace deserve the same?

Try to look at your work area as if it was not yours- does it look tidy and professional?  What impression do you think office guests get when they see your work area?


A little organizing can go a long way; this is how I do it at Blaisdell’s:

  • Step back and look at my work area; what do I really need on a daily basis? Find a new home for those items that I’ll only use occasionally.
  • Remove everything from the desktop and dust (I love Swiffer dusters!) then wipe the surface & phone, keyboard and mouse (Seventh Generation makes a great eco-friendly wipe)
  • Replace and organize my desktop items, now is the perfect time to place my office tools in the right place and within reach.
  • Clear out underneath the desk; empty trash & recycling bins, sweep/vacuum.
  • Purge files; recycle what I don’t need anymore, use storage file boxes for items that I don’t need in front of me but want to reference later.

With the weather improving, being inside all day can be rough, but keeping a neat and clean cubicle (or corner office or workbench!) makes my workday better and more productive!

Speaking of productive, Blaisdell’s now offers Customized Coffee programs for your workplace- more on that next time so stay tuned!

Until next time,

Adrienne Quitugua-Hervin