Welcome to Blaisdell’s Buzz

Ok, ok, the team here at Blaisdell’s wants us to start a blog. I’ve been elected to start us off, although frankly I’m a newbie at blogging, so bear with me. But here it goes anyway…

The first question that came to mind was, what the heck are we going to call our blog? Well, in my mind, since we’re all busy little bees around here I thought of ‘Blaisdell’s Buzz’, since there is so much to buzz about.

The next question is, what exactly should we be blogging about? I have long thought that those of us at Blaisdell’s are not really in the business of simply selling you a bunch of paper clips. That is really not why we are here. In fact, we are here to be of total and complete service to you. Whether it’s to help you find just the right product. Or deliver your ‘stuff’ just in time. Or tell you about new and exciting things happening that are designed to save you time and money. Bringing you solutions and great new products that will help you have a Great Workday. And while we’re doing just that, we’d like to get to know you better – you are important to us!  We really and truly enjoy your company. That’s just the way we roll here. Our customers become our friends – in fact, you are now an official Blaisdell’s Biz Buddy


So expect to hear lots of fun and interesting topics from Blaisdell’s Buzz. We’ll talk about the team at Blaisdell’s and what we’re up to these days. These are all the folks that you know and you’ve met or spoken to or emailed at our office. We’ll discuss product categories that will help improve your workday, like ergonomics, our new coffee service, website updates, and so much more! We will invite guest bloggers to talk about pertinent work place products and industry news too – maybe even the weather or ask you what color we should paint our new offices. And of course, we will even ask you what you’d like us to blog about.

We are really interested to hear from you! We want to get to know you and your office better.  What’s new and exciting? So please give us feedback anytime – as with everything, we aim to please.

Thanks for stopping by. Let’s see how much fun we can have. Because for us, it’s all about Bringing you a Great Workday! 

And now I will turn Blaisdell’s Buzz over to much more capable hands. Stay tuned!

-Margee Witt


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